Turn By Turn With Xtreme Xperience

The below content is shared from Xtreme Xperience’s blog as they take you around our track turn by turn and get you ready to take a few laps in one of their supercars:

NOLA offers some very unique features including, high speed “esses”, a 3,200 ft straight away and a world class event facility. Each driving package has driver take a warmup lap around the track where your instructor can guide you through each turn, explaining how to navigate the track in your supercar.

Cal DeNyse breaks down each turn at NOLA


  • First, when entering the track there is a long pit lane. Be sure not to speed while entering and exiting pit lane, there is plenty of time for throttle on this track.
  • Second, is Turn 3. Turn 3 is very difficult for most drivers, as it’s a long right hand turn with a very late apex. The best line through this turn will be to brake in a straight line, and turn in late. Hug the edge of the track on your left side, with your eyes looking through the turn to your right. The key to this turn is to be smooth with your throttle inputs, as it leads you onto the short straight before the “esses”.
  • This leads us into one of the most important sections of the track, Turns 4 and 5. This part is key, because it sets up your entire run through – what we call – the “esses” (back to back to back turns, making an “S” shape). Entry is important for this section, and you want to start on the right and then hold it there, as you will be turning in later – despite what your instincts might be telling you. Keep this mindset of ‘a later entry’ through the rest of this section, and it will result in quicker speeds.
  • As you exit the “esses”, we approach the final section of the track Turns 9-12. They are much slower than the rest of the track, so you’ll need to exercise patience here, as you’re almost back to the main straight! Turn 9 is the most important turn for those who have never driven at NOLA before. Once again, a late turn in is the preferred line. As you exit the turn, stay to your right as much a possible, so you will be ready for the entry into Turn 10, which hooks back to your left. As you exit turn 10, notice that this is where pit entry is. Remember this on your last lap, as this is how you exit the track.
  • From here, all that is left is to just enjoy the 3,200 feet front straight that makes Xtreme Xperience at NOLA Motorsports Park the fastest driving experience in North America!