Motorcycle Open Track Day at NOLA Motorsports Park



We’re always happy to have new riders join us on our Open Track Days but we understand you may have a lot of questions if you’ve never done a track day before.  Below we’ve outlined a typical track day’s schedule along with some tech info.  This info is for a NOLA Motorsports Park hosted Motorcycle Open Track Day.

Track days hosted by other organizations such as Sportbike Track Time may have other rules and regulations and its important to check with them prior to their event with any questions you may have.

Also please note that MSF Basic Rider and Advanced Rider Training and track bike rentals, gear rentals and basic motorcycle services are available at NOLA Motorsports Park through NOLA Riding Academy.

We also offer Wide Open Wednesdays where you can take your small displacement bike (up to 450 ccs) on our kart track.   With lower speeds and tighter turns, the risk factor is reduced while the fun factor is wide open.  Great for beginners or street riders who want to feel the flowing curves without the risk of the high speeds achieved on Nola’s North Track, or the dangers of doing it on the open highways. This event is designed to give maximum ride time with minimum distraction. Vespa’s, Grom’s, Scooters, small displacement sport bikes, super and minimoto’s are all welcome. IF you have it and want to ride it, please join us.   Check out our website for schedule and signup info.



Sample Schedule for a NOLA Open Track Day:


  • Registration and Sign-in begins at 7:00am.
    • Riders WILL NOT be allowed on track without the proper armband received at sign-in
  • Technical Inspection begins at 7:25am.
    • Riders must complete and sign the self-inspection portion of the tech sheet before proceeding to Technical Inspection
  • Mandatory Riders Meeting (ALL RIDERS) begins at 8:20am.
  • Mandatory Novice Group Rider Meeting begins at 8:40am.
  • Track goes hot at 9:00am, beginning with the Intermediate Group
  • Lunch Break will be 12:00pm – 1:00pm
  • Track goes COLD at 5:00pm


 REQUIRED FOR ADVANCE GROUP: proof of experience in the form of a valid racing license from any club such as AHRMA, WERA, CMRA, etc., or proof of Advance group participation from another track-day organization is required to register in this group

Any questions, please email

Riders Meeting

Each day begins with a MANDATORY riders meeting.  ATTENDANCE IS A MUST IF YOU WANT TO RIDE.

Motorcycle Requirements:

IMPORTANT: All bikes must pass technical inspection prior to admittance to the track.   On Track Days technical inspection begins at 7:25am.  Riders must complete and sign the self-inspection portion of the tech sheet before proceeding to Technical Inspection.

It is your responsibility to have your bike prepared prior to riding on the race track. Technical inspection sheets will be provided at registration. If your bike does not pass technical inspection, you will not be issued a group sticker to access the track.

  • Tires and brakes must be in good condition. Tires should be at least 50%+ of new condition.
  • All glass, headlight, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed.
  • We recommend but do not require removal of center stands. No bikes with center stands will be allowed in the Advanced Group due to the ground clearance issue.
  • All machines must have an operational handlebar mounted kill switch/button and self-closing throttle in good working condition.
  • Riders must use water, water wetter or a non-ethyl glycol based anti-freeze/coolant. Approved Poly Glycol brands are: Evans, 7th Gear, Liquid Performance, Engine Ice, Motul, Red Line, and VP
  • All valve stems must have caps.
  • Wheel balance weights must be well secured and duct taping is required.
  • License plates must have bolts taped or be removed.
  • Advanced riders only must safety wire oil drain plugs, oil filter, and oil fill caps.


** Please note that if you spill oil on the track your day is over.