GT MAX Karts – Up to 60 MPH

Once you have mastered our standard arrive and drive karts, another challenge awaits for you adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers.

Our GT MAX karts feature a 125cc 2-cycle engine pushing 20+ hp which will push you back into the seat while you hear the engine screaming to 14,000 rpms.  This is another animal compared to the normal arrive and drive karts.  Can you handle it?


Arrive and Drive Kart

Our standard Sodi Arrive and Drive kart is capable of reaching speeds up to 45mph.



This GT MAX Kart is capable of reaching speeds up to 60mph.

As a frame of reference our arrive and drive karts run on a GX270 (270cc) Honda 4-cycle engines with 10 hp and rev out to 6,000 rpm.

Off the line, you may not notice right away what makes this kart loved by serious racers, but when this demon gets set loose on straight away, you  can reach speeds over 70 MPH.  Luckily, the brakes are just as powerful to bring you back down to speeds you can actually take into a turn.   At 100lbs lighter than normal arrive-and-drive karts with the power of the 20 hp 2-cycle engine, you have a truly remarkable kart.

Group sessions are also available in GT Max karts for bachelor parties, birthday outings or for high speed corporate team building.

You can take one of the GT Max karts out on the track.   A 10 minute session is $60 while a 20 minute session is $100.

Hop in a GT Max and Geaux Faster the next time you’re at NOLA!



Track layout during rental session may vary.

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